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Here in the Trent catchment, we’re fortunate to have watercourses that host iconic and diverse wildlife, bring joy to communities, clean water to our taps – life and character to this landlocked part of the country.

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When Our Rivers Thrive, Nature and People Will, Too

The unique network of rivers that forms the Trent catchment is under pressure. As rivers are stripped of their natural function, their loss of vitality affects their ability to cope.

In our freshwaters, pollution, an ongoing decline in biodiversity and the climate crisis compound and interact, putting our rivers, brooks and streams at risk.

As wildlife and communities depend on healthy, natural and wild rivers – we need to put our rivers at the heart of nature recovery.

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Tackling the Nature Crises by Working with Nature

There are no silver bullets, but putting nature at the heart of the solution is more than a fad. A growing body of scientific evidence shows that by bringing rivers and land closer to their natural selves, everyone can benefit.

Walk the Trent!

Follow the signposted Trent Valley Way route from the Rugeley to the Humber Estuary.

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