Donate to Trent Rivers Trust

Your donations help us to conserve and enhance the beautiful and precious River Trent and all the rivers that flow into it for both wildlife and people.

Your donation helps us carry out further vital work to protect our rivers, re-naturalising them, removing blockages to fish passage, working with riverside landowners and connecting habitats for wildlife.

All rivers are at the heart of our communities and at the heart of nature, connecting people and habitats along their meandering length. It is imperative that we safeguard their health, advocate for their improvement and all play a role in enhancing and celebrating them. Trent Rivers Trust has used its growing expertise and local knowledge to improve many miles of rivers and riverside habitats for over two decades. We have been able to achieve this through receiving grants and donations like yours.

When making a donation through our Just Giving page, you can opt for a one-off donation or set up a regular recurring donation. We are of course also happy to hear from you about other means of donation you may wish to discuss with us such as corporate donations and partnerships, other fundraising activities or personal legacies.

We have also used specific donations to develop projects important and meaningful to individuals and businesses, so if you have a project in mind, please contact us!

Your donations support our work in many other ways, helping us to:

  • Create habitat for spawning fish, wading birds and other aquatic life
  • Work with schools and community groups to celebrate our rivers
  • Bring nature and natural river processes back into heavily engineered unnatural landscapes
  • Target pollution either from agriculture or sewage treatment through our projects or advocacy work
  • Plant trees and wildflowers, for example planting a tree with additional maintenance costs about £15

Your Rivers

The Trent River Catchment is vast and diverse, home to an array of wildlife and spreading across the Midlands. Take a look at our map and discover your local river.