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Take Five Actions For Your River

Are You In?

We’re Trent Rivers Trust, your local rivers charity. 

We’re leading the recovery of rivers here in the Midlands, including the river Dove, Derbyshire Derwent, the Soar, Cole, Mease, the Trent, and many more. 

We’re on a mission to connect you to your local river. 

That’s why we’ve come up with the #FiveForRivers challenge – open to anyone and everyone!

How to Join

Spend this summer getting to know your river a little better. Between 19th July and 19th August, take five actions to invest in your own wellbeing and that of your river.

If you like, you can tell us about your 5 actions by sharing them with us on social media.

Share your adventures

Share to enter the challenge using #FiveForRivers and tag us on social media. 

Download the FREE Booklet

In the booklet, you’ll find a range of actions you can choose from to connect to your river this summer. 

From learning about local wildlife and mindfulness to small acts of kindness,  choose the ones that float your boat – or make up your own! 

As part of the booklet, we’re also sending two emails to help you along the way. Sign up now to receive your booklet.

Join the competition

Show us what you got up to win some splashing prizes!

Share to enter the challenge using #FiveForRivers and tag us on social media or email us at

Please note, that you must be over 18 to join. 


Where We Work

Our Story

Trent Rivers Trust was founded over 20 years ago. After noticing the upsetting disappearance of Atlantic salmon in the Trent and its tributaries, a small group of people decided to act. This group then became Trent Rivers Trust.

Reintroducing what is now a self-sufficient salmon run,  was only the beginning.

We have since worked on over 250 projects to help restore, conserve and protect healthy and natural rivers for communities and wildlife in the Trent catchment.

As part of the Rivers Trust movement, we’re here to make a difference for rivers on the ground.

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