Tame, Anker and Mease

The Tame, Anker and Mease is a large and distinctive catchment, home to a remarkably contrasting landscape. It is an area shaped by urban design and rural contrast.

In urban areas, the 95 km (59 mi) long Tame and its tributaries including the Cole and the Rea introduce pockets of nature into the West Midland’s urban centers. Weaving through Walsall, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Solihull, these rivers breathe life into the concrete jungle. The River Tame, for example, passes 1.7 million people before it joins the Trent at Alrewas, upstream of Burton. While the area has been encroached by urban development, it has retained some of its biodiversity – and its rivers, acting as corridors play a vital part.
The rivers near Nuneaton and Tamworth are still tributaries of the Tame but flow through a more rural landscape; these include the Blythe, Sence, Anker and Mease.

Despite the pressures, a lot of people enjoy and treasure the rivers in this catchment. More than eighty angling clubs are getting out to fish, whilst others enjoy the rivers on canoe, foot or paddleboard. As both urban and rural human impacts have been taking their toll, we’re on a mission to revitalise these waters. In urban areas, we remove concrete straight jackets and create green spaces that wildlife and people can enjoy. Rurally, we provide advice to farmers and develop projects that create habitats and reduce the impact of nutrients, phosphate in particular.

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