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What We Do

We restore rivers-one open conversation, one project at a time

  • We restore rivers, re-wiggle watercourses, reconnect rivers to floodplains, re-introduce species
  • We tackle pollution and non-native species
  • We advise landowners
  • We create access to watercourses, teach citizen science, educate children and adults about our rivers
  • We reduce flood risk using nature-based solutions
  • We scope, deliver and monitor many kinds of projects

What it Means in Practice

 The interlinking climate, biodiversity and water pollution crises cannot be fixed by one organisation, or a silver bullet. A collective, collaborative effort is needed and nature-based solutions need to be at its heart. We investigate the local impact of big environmental issues and bring local solutions.

We identify opportunities to bring our rivers back from the brink in the entire Trent catchment.

From Riffles to Rapids

Our work has been gaining momentum here in the Trent catchment, our ambitions have grown and our approach has become more focused. Find out about our journey and what’s next for our charity and the rivers we’re looking after.

River Derwent | Trent Rivers Trust
Rivers function at their best when they are free-flowing and natural. We are on a mission to connect watercourses, by removing weirs, concrete and culverts and improving fish passage. We re-naturalise water courses, reconnect rivers to their floodplain and create pollution buffers.
Drought or deluge, we use schemes that work with nature, such as Natural Flood Management, a method that reduces flood risk by installing features that slow the flow of water. We plant trees, install bunds, leaky barriers, create wetland areas and reconnect the river to the floodplain. These interventions are win-wins. They increase river health – biodiversity gets a boost, reduce flood risk, carbon capture is improved – some features reduce the impact of droughts, too.
The river starts where rain falls. Sealed urban surfaces, sediment and soil run-off impact our rivers. Our dedicated team of experts helps local authorities, land and homeowners implement the best locally suitable, river-friendly practices. In urban areas, we advise on Sustainable Drainage systems (SuDs-link). In rural areas, we provide bespoke advice to farmers on how they can make their land and farming practice more river-friendly.

We cannot work in isolation. Our work with communities and the broader public educates and enthuses people about their river and what rivers do for us and vice versa. We create opportunities for volunteers and vulnerable groups to boost their wellbeing as they lend a hand on our projects, work with schools to showcase the wonders and practicalities of our river work and create access to the river, partially through our ambition to create a source-to-sea walking path alongside the Trent. We also know the public are our eyes and ears and know their rivers as well as being citizen scientists able to provide a whole lot of useful information.

Our Expertise

Weston River restoration

River Restoration

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Natural Flood Management

Working With Nature

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Land Use and Water

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Connecting People and the River

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