From Nottingham, Birmingham, Derby and Leicester to Staffordshire’s moorscapes, Leicestershire’s rolling hills and Dovedale’s jagged peaks - the Trent catchment is diverse, and so are its rivers.

In the Peak District and southwards, the Dove and Derwent babbles through UNESCO-World Heritage sites. In Nottingham, the Leen flows through dense urban spaces. Belper’s brooks and The Erewash meander through an Industrialised landscape, while the River’s Eye and Mease wind through vast stretches of productive agricultural land. They have one thing in common- at some point their water reaches the mighty Trent, whose 271km long journey begins near Stoke-on-Trent and ends in the sea at the Humber Estuary. The Trent is special, it is one of the UKs most important rivers. Its catchment helps feed the nation, nourishes the communities that live on its banks and supports a huge diversity of natural habitats that need both our protection and help with recovery and reconnection 

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Trent Catchment Partnership

The CaBa website identifies the different catchment partnerships. Trent Rivers Trust hosts the Dove, Lower Trent and Erewash, Soar and the Mease sub catchment.

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