Rivers and catchments are very complex systems and the scope of the Trent Rivers Trust’s delivery reflects this.

The team at the Trent Rivers Trust has a broad cross section of skills and expertise so we can find solutions to problems as diverse as diffuse pollution from agriculture to urban flood management and use innovative approaches such outfall safari and SCIMAP to add to our evidence base and help us to improve the river environment.

Trent Rivers Trust works with anglers, landowners, partner organisations and the general public to improve the river environment. We lead projects that make a difference to rivers, the wildlife which inhabits the river corridor and the people that enjoy the river environment.

Read more about the work we do in the Trent Catchment and be inspired by the exciting projects which are underway….

River Restoration & Habitat Creation

We design and deliver restoration schemes which aim to restore the natural function of rivers to bring about positive changes by working with the river’s natural processes.

River Investigations

Establishing a comprehensive dataset for the rivers we are working on is the first stage of any project.


Fish must migrate through our streams and rivers to reach the habitats they need for different parts of their life cycle. Salmon and eel move vast distances while other species move more locally.

Catchment Partnerships

The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) embeds collaborative working at a river catchment scale to deliver cross cutting improvements to our water environments.

Natural Flood Management

As extreme weather events become a more frequent occurrence, flooding is blighting the lives of more communities.

Sustainable Drainage Schemes

Development and the spread of hard surfaces with our urban areas can significantly increase the risk of flooding.

Agriculture & Water

The Trent catchment supports a diverse range of agricultural enterprises including dairy, beef and sheep, combinable crops, horticulture and top fruit and pig and poultry production.

Urban Rivers

The River Trent and its tributaries flow through large urban areas, including several large cities and towns such as Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Stoke on Trent.