The River Trent and its tributaries flow through large urban areas, including several large cities and towns such as Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Stoke on Trent. Many of these conurbations owe their history and existence to the presence of the river as it was used as a means of conveying goods, providing power to industry and producing fish as food for workers throughout the Industrial Revolution.

Now the rivers form a focal point for local people to walk, rest and play but in some areas, they have become neglected. Problems such as mis-connections, fly tipping, point source and diffuse pollution from industry and culverting mean the streams and rivers no longer provide an attractive feature for local people.

Streams and rivers are often in ‘straightjackets’ with their banks and bed reinforced to allow development near them and some are even totally imprisoned in underground tunnels or culverts. Their floodplains are covered in buildings and tarmac so there is very little space for river function.

These pressures are passed on to us as flooding or as degraded landscapes which do not give urban citizens the beauty and breathing space they need.

Our urban projects bring organisations, individuals, communities and businesses together to care for, improve and benefit from urban rivers.