Trent Gateway

A Gateway to the Midlands

Vision: To create a thriving river corridor for fish, wildlife and people along the River Trent, achieved through collaboration and engagement with communities and partners.

The scale of the ambition of Trent Gateway is large and aims to deliver a functioning watercourse that reduces flood risk, creates habitats and supports the sustainable growth and the local economy across 75km of the river. Trent Gateway presents a great opportunity to deliver multiple benefits across the whole Trent catchment working with a large number of partners and communities.

It aims to remove barriers to fish migration on some of the largest weirs in the UK to enable all fish species passage to the upper catchment as well as explore opportunities for Natural Flood Management (NFM) and Working with Natural Processes (WwNP). The project will engage with people and communities through a variety of experiences, to improve access and to learn about the social history to explore the part the River Trent played in shaping the towns and villages along its route.

The Trent Gateway partnership will make a significant contribution to the ambition of the Lower Trent & Erewash Catchment Partnership hosted by Trent Rivers Trust. It includes key stakeholders with interests in the sustainable development and enhancement of the River Trent.

The successful delivery of the Vision for Trent Gateway will require strong leadership in order to secure and maintain the impetus to ensure delivery of the vision in the face of many competing demands for attention and funding. It will require effective co-ordination of the work of many organisations to ensure that linkages between projects are realised and each project contributes towards the overall vision and their delivery bring together relevant stakeholders to achieve improvements to the Trent corridor.

Trent Gateway is engaging with a number of key partners and stakeholders with an interest in the River Trent and the partnership has agreed the following objectives:

  • Achieve a natural, functioning and healthy river through a high-quality blue/green corridor
  • Bring key partners together to align initiatives that achieve multiple outcomes and transform the river in the most sustainable and relevant way
  • Pro-actively coordinate and influence activities to develop opportunities and set a framework for future change.

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