Development and the spread of hard surfaces within our urban areas can significantly increase the risk of flooding.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes (SuDS) are designed to store rainwater close to where it falls promoting infiltration into the ground and reducing the flows downstream. SUDS, if designed carefully can provide an attractive focal point for local people as well as valuable places for wildlife. They can take many forms such as rain gardens, swales, basins or wetlands. Often it is not apparent there is a flood risk function to a well-designed scheme.

The Trent Rivers Trust is working on a number of projects to promote the use of SuDS to reduce flood risk and deliver other benefits such as improving water quality. In some cases we are working on existing developments and ‘retro-fitting’ SuDS. SuDS are often considered to be only relevant in urban areas, but the same principles of holding and storing water close to where it falls apply equally well in rural areas. Here this approach is called Natural Flood Management (NFM) why not FIND OUT MORE information of what we do.

Our SuDS model (pictured below) is a great tool for explaining SuDS and rain gardens.