The Soar Catchment Partnership organises events from time to time. These events enable the members of the partnership to hear about other activities taking place in the catchment, share information and ideas and to discuss issues. They are an excellent way for members of the partnership to meet each other and to strengthen the Catchment Partnership network.

The most recent event was held in Mountsorrel on the 6th November 2018.

Below are all the presentations that were included in the day, available to download. A report summarising the main outputs of the day is also included at the top.  The report includes a list of actions that were discussed as well as who attended on the day.

If you have any queries or would like to come to our next event please email

Soar CP-6th Nov 2018 workshop report

Intro to Soar CP Event 6th Nov RN

Chris Manning IDB

Louise Davis LCC River Monster 


Ian Underwood Soar Tribs TRT

Amanda Plan to Project final presentation

Ruth and Amanda Soar CP Event 6th Nov funding