Hello Trent catchment resident!

The River Trent catchment is one of the largest in England. It takes water from a huge area – from towns and cities, to moors and farmland.

How we look after this landscape impacts the river itself. We are working towards creating a catchment with a rich tapestry of habitats, able to support livelihoods and wildlife.

Trent Rivers Trust

Here at The Trent Rivers Trust we think the River Trent is great – of course we

do! It attracts people from all over the country to come and enjoy it for wildlife and recreation – but we think it could be much better.

The Lower Trent and Erewash Catchment Partnership is hosted by The Trent Rivers Trust who work alongside various partners and the local communities to improve, restore and protect this valuable landscape.

We’re contacting you today to find out how you feel about living so close to the River Trent – whether that’s a good thing, or a bad thing?

We would love to hear your opinions on a few questions we’ve listed below:









    Very – It’s really important to meModerate – I like getting to access it, but it could be improvedSlightly – It’s nice that it’s so close, but I don’t go and see it that oftenNot very – I’m not that fussedNot at all – I have no interest in the river whatsoever – it’s an inconvenience.









    Don’t have timeLack of access routes/ Lack of accessible routes or access pointsNo facilities or not the right type of facilities – please explainWould rather go elsewhereI don’t know much about what it has to offer/ things to doSafety or litter


    Yes – more habitat for wildlife would be greatNo – I’m happy with how things are


    Thank you for your time…

    Dr Scott McKenzie
    Senior Catchment Manager (Central)
    The Trent Rivers Trust

    If you have anything else to share about your connectivity – good or bad – with the river Trent or the catchment then please do get in touch by email at; enquiries@trentriverstrust.org.

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    Thank you for taking the time to provide this information – your input is essential in shaping how the Trent is improved and restored.

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    We are working in partnership with the Environment Agency, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Nottingham City Council, and the Canal & River Trust to help improve connectivity for people and wildlife across the landscape – with the river as the star attraction.