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River Mease-the recovery of a SSSI river

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Project Catchment



Landowners work in partnership to kickstart the River Mease’s recovery

The River Mease’s unique and typical features have meant that our work on the small river has evolved into a flagship project-our biggest Capital Work project to date. The 3-year project has been designed to slash pollution, but more importantly, we have worked to demonstrate that a river faced with complex challenges can recover. When given the chance, through stakeholders thinking big and collaboratively, the river can flourish once again.

This multi-year project had 2 distinct elements-river restoration and phosphate reduction funded through an innovative developer contribution scheme. The former targeted stretches of river with potential for activities to reconnect the river to the floodplain, increase habitat channel variation and improve the banks. The latter worked with landowners to reduce the risk of phosphates and silt reaching the river.