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Clarborough Natural Flood Management

Project Catchment



Natural Flood Management reduces flood risk in Clarborough

Clarborough and Welham, two villages located in North Nottinghamshire, have a long history of flooding issues. In November 2019, floods inundated the community, re-fuelling a call for improvements to local flood management. Earlier floods in summer 2007 and January 2008 demonstrated the village’s vulnerability to the incoming water. Over the years, ongoing local concern sparked a consultation which resulted in the launch of an ambitious Natural Flood Management project.

Trent Rivers Trust initially scoped the work and launched Capital Works in 2020. The Natural Flood Management project has been funded by Nottinghamshire County Council. Led by the Trent River Trust, the project has been made possible thanks to the support of local landowners who volunteered their land within the 4.7km2 catchment area. The collaboration has resulted in over 50 strategically placed Natural Flood Management features.