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One Voice for the Mease

Welcome to the ‘One Voice for the Mease’ web page

The River Mease is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for its valuable community of fish species and aquatic plants.


Measham SuDS

Trent Rivers Trust has managed the design and construction of a retro fit SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Scheme) to the Leisure Centre in Measham funded by the Catchment Partnership Action Fund.

This project has shown the value of a SuDS system to local people and what can be achieved through a partnership approach.

Working closely with stakeholders, funders and the site owners, Measham Parish Council, TRT and designers Robert Bray Associates have developed an exciting scheme which will showcase various techniques of retrofitting Suds an existing built environment.

This project uses the landscape to reduce flood risk and pollution by delivering a controlled flow of clean water into the River Mease SSSI/SAC. This benefits the local community, wildlife and helps to meet Water Framework Directive targets to achieve good ecological status.

Colin Manifold, the Chairman of Measham Parish Council says of the scheme:

“The project is a great asset for the Leisure Centre and village. It looks fantastic and is doing a good job of storing rain water, reducing flood risk in Measham.”

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River Mease Invasive Non Native Species Eradication Project

The Trent Rivers Trust has been working with farmers and community members to control the invasive species, Himalayan Balsam from the banks of the River Mease.

TRT worked with volunteers and contractors to tackle the plant and it has now been removed from much of the river providing an opportunity for native plants to recover.

Himalayan Balsam was dominant along the Mease until TRT embarked on this eradication programme resulting in poor species diversity within the riparian vegetation community and increased erosion risk.

TRT’s presence working on the banks of the Mease has provided the perfect opportunity to engage with the local community and raise awareness of the importance of the River Mease so local residents learn about their special river, how they can access it and how to care for its future.


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Coppice Brook

Coppice Brook flows from Ripley through Belper and into the River Derwent. Himalayan balsam colonises sections of the brook and if allowed to proliferate, will spread along much of the tributary.

The Trent Rivers Trust secured a grant from DerwentWISE to fund a project involving local volunteers to pull Himalayan balsam from the affected stretches of Coppice Brook.

The project will run over two years to ensure all Himalayan balsam is removed including plants germinating from seed lying dormant in the seed bank. The TRT team has also contacted landowners to raise awareness of the presence of Himalayan balsam and the problems it causes to encourage them to check for the weed and remove it where possible.


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Mease SuDS Conference highlights the benefits of multi-functional SuDS Schemes

Mease SuDS Conference highlights the benefits of multi-functional SuDS Schemes

Over fifty delegates joined the Trent Rivers Trust and Natural England for a ground-breaking conference highlighting how the integration of high quality SuDS schemes can deliver many benefits for the river environment.

Delegates from housing developers, design companies, Local Lead Flood Authorities, water companies and environmental charities heard from some of the leading experts on SuDS scheme design and implementation at the Priest House Hotel on the banks of the River Trent.

An exciting agenda included Sue Illman, Managing Director with Illman Young who explained the process behind the design and implementation of SuDS schemes to ensure they can be seamlessly integrated into developments.

Dave Norton from Bob Bray Associates gave examples from their portfolio of exciting SuDS projects demonstrating how SuDS can provide more than simply a flood storage facility by delivering clean water and offering an attractive landscape feature.

Roger Nowell of Sheffield City Council set out the innovative approach the council takes to delivering SuDS on challenging affordable and social housing schemes in the city. The council has formed a housing company with a local developer and a housing association to ensure environmental benefits are a primary consideration within any new proposal.

Ian Butterfield outlined the significance of the River Mease catchment and why high quality SuDS schemes are key to protecting the conservation importance of the river environment.

Hannah Hogan and Victoria Coombes from Staffordshire and Leicestershire County Council spoke from the Lead Local Flood Authority perspective, setting out what they are looking for in a SuDS design as part of new development proposals.

For those wanting to know more about SuDS and the Mease catchment, please take a look at the documents below which provide more information and best practice guidance.

Natural England’s documents are: River Mease Standing Advice, River Mease Citation and the River Mease SAC COSA Update

Other documents include:

Staffordshire County Council SUDS handbook here

Evidence base for maintenance of SUDS features by SUSDRAIN here

Ciria SUDS manual here

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