This exciting project brings people together to enjoy and benefit from the brooks around Alfreton, South Normanton and Huthwaite.

Over the years, towns and villages, former coal mines, industrial estates and major roads have all had an impact on these brooks. This project aims to reverse the impact of former coal mines, industrial estates and major roads on the brooks in these urban areas.

The River Starts Here! works with local communities to enable them to take action to make their brooks cleaner, more enjoyable and richer in wildlife.

So far the project has:

  • Supported householders to create rain gardens
  • Successfully conducted the country’s first ‘Outfall Safari’ outside London with local volunteers
  • Trained local volunteers to monitor water quality by recording the bug life in the brooks
  • Held activity days along the brooks with business and community volunteers
  • Launched River Friendly Business Awards for local businesses
  • Trained volunteers to identify river flies and feed this information back to the Environment Agency to help to detect pollution
  • Worked with local groups to put on the popular ‘Streams of Wool’ which brought lots of people down to their local brook in April 2018. For more information take a         look HERE and you can also read about the event in our latest news article HERE





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