Stoke River Enhancement

TRT is currently working with a range of landowners along the River Trent in Stoke and Staffordshire to deliver several river restoration projects. The restoration projects will improve the water quality of the river as well as enhance the biodiversity value of the channel and the river banks. The long term aim of the work is to encourage the river to be able to breakdown pollution better so it can withstand serious pollution events in the future.

This work is funded through an Enforcement Undertaking, provided by a private company after a serious pollution event several years ago.

The main works include the following;

Removal of a culvert on the Longton Brook at Trentham Gardens and replacement of an open space bridge to allow natural flows and make the site passable to fish.

A major river restoration scheme of 1.2km of the River Trent at Weston in Staffordshire. This work will involve installing riffles, re-profiling the river bank and introducing woody material into the channel.