Southwell FRAMES Project

The Southwell Frames project was a European project funded by INTERREG FRAMES. The project was a large-scale collaboration between 15 pilot projects, across 5 countries, with a main aim to integrate the Multi-Layered Safety Approach into future flood risk policy. As part of this, NFM features were installed in Southwell by The Trent Rivers Trust in close collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council, The Southwell Flood Forum and the National Flood Forum.

In total, 43 NFM measures across 12 landholdings were installed. This now provides around 4000m3 of additional water storage within the upper catchment.

The word “pilot” should not be used lightly when discussing this project. As a “pilot”, the project also had a very important key objective: disseminate findings with as many individuals, organisations and policy makers as possible. Through talks held at various conferences, such as those held by Westminster Insight and the River Restoration Centre, 178 organisations were directly informed of the project, its outcomes and lessons learnt. As part of this objective, a national conference was held at Newark to showcase the project, guide future NFM projects and discuss future flood risk management strategies within the UK.  Live video recordings of this conference can be found on the Trent Rivers Trust YouTube channel: (here)

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