Endon NFM (Natural Flood Management)

TRT is working on a NFM project for the village of Endon in Staffordshire. The objective of this work is to identify a series of NFM solutions in the catchment upstream of the village. This work is funded by Staffordshire County Council and forms part of a wider strategy to help reduce the chance of properties flooding  within the village.

Land based temporary water storage area

The work involves developing some of the concepts identified as part of previous investigations and  the engagement already undertaken. TRT will undertake data analysis and further landowner engagement to identify and design a range of measures to store floodwater. The measures are likely to include features both within the watercourses as well areas to temporarily store water in appropriate locations on the land. Features within the watercourse are usually called ‘leaky barriers’. Features are designed to hold water on the land for longer, promote infiltration to ground and delay water flowing downstream. The features will only store water in high flow events, then slowly release water afterwards once the peak of the flow has subsided.

TRT will liaise directly with all the landowners and farmers that may be affected directly by any of the measures proposed. No details of the measures will be made public until the landowners have been fully consulted.

TRT has experience delivering NFM projects from across the Trent catchment. TRT has a proven track record developing, constructing and monitoring NFM features. For more information on our approach and to watch our new video please visit TRT’s Natural Flood Management page.

For any enquires about NFM in Endon, please email us at alan@trentriverstrust.org

Leaky barrier across a watercourse, using local natural materials

Leaky barrier

Leaky barrier, note the gap at the bottom to allow drainage