Clarborough Natural Flood Management Project

The project is currently ongoing and aims to install NFM features upstream of Clarborough, Nottinghamshire, to reduce flood risk to the local community.

The project is being led by the Trent Rivers Trust in close collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council and Clarborough Parish Council.

The scoping phase of the project was completed successfully in early 2020, with a number of viable NFM interventions found and discussed with the local landowners. Following this, additional funding was secured to move the delivery phase of the project forward, which began in late 2020 with the construction of two earth bunds.

A further 48 NFM features have been identified within the catchment and are planned for delivery in 2021, including leaky barriers, woodland buffer strips and online storage creation. All of these interventions will help store water during high flow events, and will also create a wide variety of habitats within the catchment.


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