Video interviews from TRT’s Flood Risk Management for the Next Decade – a Multi-Layered Safety Approach event in February 2020.

The Multi-layered safety (MLS) approach integrates engineered measures for flood risk management with spatial planning, emergency response and resilient recovery. The concept has been applied to pilots around the North Sea region under the EU INTERREG FRAMES project, which includes sites within the UK.

Could the MLS concept be applied wider within the UK and inform sustainable Flood Risk Management?

These short interviews cover integrated approaches to flood risk management which have been used to reduce flood risk and increase community flood resilience. The timings and speaker details are below.


  • 0:00 – Kim Jennings, Trent Rivers Trust: it’s not just management, it’s collaboration and resilience
  • 1:06 – Alistair Maltby, The Rivers Trust: why the multi-layered safety approach is so important
  • 2:39 – Ben Lamb, Tees Rivers Trust: getting buy-in from farmers is key
  • 3:31 – Professor Chris Stoate, GWCT: why baseline data is crucial
  • 4:22 – Steve Maslen, JBA: communities having more agency and influence over how land is managed is the big opportunity
  • 5:27 – Alex McDonald, Environment Agency: Natural Flood Management in the Soar catchment – a Defra-funded project
  • 6:51 – Dr. Chris Whitlow, Edenvale Young Associates: how to use information in the public domain to demonstrate the benefits of flood risk management
  • 7:10 – David Sheard, Southwell Flood Forum: communicating effectively when limited resources are available
  • 8:06 – Dr. Janet Richardson, iCASP, University of Leeds: examples of partnership working leading to on-the-ground change and solutions
  • 9:03 – Josh Wells, Trent Rivers Trust: some of the interventions within the Southwell FRAMES project; what policies would support integrated flood management?
  • 10:00 – Professor Ian Rotherham, Sheffield Hallam University: how rewilding can unleash the power of nature to help rivers
  • 11:36 – Paul Cobbing, The National Flood Forum: the impact of flooding on people’s lives; how to help communities and people take control of flood risk; the importance of multiple, integrated measures for flood risk management; why supporting small businesses is key for community economic resilience
  • 16:22 – Kim Jennings, Trent Rivers Trust: partnership working is crucial for projects to get going and succeed.


This event was part supported by the Interreg North Sea Region EU Development Fund and Nottinghamshire County Council.

You can also watch the full presentations from each speaker.