As part of the Defra funded NFM Community projects, The Trent Rivers Trust (TRT) have been asked to introduce Natural Flood Management (NFM) works which will complement the Environment Agency flood relief scheme for Lowdham in Nottinghamshire.

Following consultation with landowners and using SCIMAP, TRT have been able to determine areas suitable for NFM features on both watercourses and overland pathways. The aim is to reduce peak flood flows, enhance biodiversity, improve water quality and increase community awareness and involvement.

Measures planned include a number of attenuation bunds, leaky barriers, tree planting, de-culverting and floodplain reconnection.   Work commenced in November on the Lambley Dumble and Cocker Beck (a steep sided, wooded valley) with 18m of concrete culvert being removed allowing the creation of a new section of sinuous channel. A shallow bund was formed along a crossing point and the banks lowered to create a wet grassland area which will temporarily attenuate water during high flow events. This was supplemented with the introduction of large woody material and leaky barriers.

The work will now continue this winter with the installation of more leaky barriers on field drains and next summer/autumn the construction of field bunds once crops have been harvested.